I am currently in production on my SECOND DOCUMENTARY FEATURE. While it does not yet have a title, it has received fiscal sponsorship from SFFilm, a residency twice-over with SFFilm Filmhouse, a R&D grant in 2017 from the California Humanities Documentary Project, and their Documentary Production Grant in 2019.

I am a member of the San Francisco Film Fatales and co-founder of the Collective of Documentary Women Cinematographers

FARMER/VETERAN is is available on demand for personal viewing across a number of digital platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft XBOX and Amazon VOD. 


Farmer/Veteran: a feature length film documenting one man's journey out of war and into farming. Farmer/Veteran will premiere on PBS on Independent Lens on May 29, 2017. 

Farmer/Veteran is my first feature length documentary film. I am a Director and Cinematographer, along with Jeremy Lange. This intense and intimate documentary opens a window into the complex lives of veterans: wanting and not wanting to be civilians, aching for the intensity of war and yet wishing to cast off the memories that haunt them. It also explores the strengths and limitations of farming as occupational therapy for a population in search of purpose after war and a country in need of young farmers.

  • Winner, Best Documentary Feature, Brooklyn Film Festival 2016

  • Winner, Best Documentary, Shanghai International Film & TV Festival 2017

  • Winner, Southern Documentary, Macon Film Festival 2016

  • Winner, Best Documentary Feature, Charlotte Film Festival 2016

  • Winner, Best Stories of the South, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival 2016

  • Official Selection, Sidewalk Film Festival 2016

  • Official Selection, Cucalorus Film Festival 2016

  • Official Selection, New Orleans Film Festival 2016

  • Official Selection, Dallas International Film Festival 2016